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November 2016, California voters will have the opportunity to start getting the exorbitant prices of prescription drugs under control – and, save California taxpayers billions at the same time — by voting for Proposition 61.

Individuals and organizations who have endorsed Proposition 61, the California Drug Price Relief Act of 2016, may be listed as “supporters” on coalition materials including our website, stationery, press kits, event invitations, etc. Yes on Prop 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices will not use the names of supporters in connection with any candidate-­related political activity.

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)

AFSCME District Council 36

AFSCME District Council 36 Retirees

AFSCME District Council 57 Retirees

Alameda County Democratic Party

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) – California

American Federation of Musicians Local 47

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO)

Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON)

AsianWeek Foundation

Breast Care Action

Butte County Democratic Party

California Friends of the African American Publication

California Nurses Association (CNA)

California Association of Retired Americans (CARA)

California State Retirees

Contra Costa County Democratic Party

Consumer Watchdog

The Courage Campaign

East Area Progressive Democrats

Employee Association of the Metropolitan Water District, AFSCME Local 1902

ILWU Southern California District Council 61

Los Angeles Urban League

Madera County Democratic Party

Merced County Democratic Party

Monterey County Democratic Party

National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse

North Valley Democrats

Our Revolution

Our Valley Revolution

Pharmaceutical Action Network for Disadvantaged Americans (PANDA)

Progressive Democrats of America

Sacramento County Democratic Party

San Bernardino County Democratic Party

Santa Barbara County Democratic Party

Santa Clara County Democratic Party

Social Security Works.

Solano County Democratic Party

Therapeutic Residential Care Services

Ventura County Democratic Party


Yolo County Democratic Party

Federal Officials

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D – Vermont) – Candidate for President of the United States

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor (1993-97) Robert Reich

U.S. Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA 17)

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX 35)

Former Assistant Deputy U.S. Secretary of Commerce (2009-11) Ro Khanna

State Officials

State Assemblymember David Chiu (D-AD 17)

State Assemblymember Kansen Chu (D-AD 25)

State Assemblymember (Ret.) Mariko Yamada (D-AD 4)

State Assemblymember (Ret.) Steve Fox (D-AD 36)

State Senator (Ret.) Art Torres (D-SD 24)

Former Member, California State University Board of Trustees Kathleen Kaiser Ph.D.

Local Officials

San Francisco County Supervisor David Campos

San Francisco County Supervisor  Jane Kim

Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor

Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza

Saratoga City Councilmember Rishi Kumar

Alameda City Councilmember Lena Tam

San Leandro City Councilmember Jim Prola

Former LA City Councilwoman Roz Wyman

Former San Jose City Councilmember Forrest Williams

Trustee, Los Angeles Community College District Sydney Kamlager

Trustee, West Valley-Mission Community College District Addrienne Grey

Trustee, Ohlone Community College District Jan Giovanini-Hill

Trustee, Ohlone Community College District Teresa Cox

Vice-President, Compton Community College District Andres Ramos

Vice-President, Fremont Unified School District Board of Trustees Ann Crosbie

Trustee, San Leandro Unified School District

Trustee, Raisin Elementary School District Evangelina Urias

Member, St. Helena School Board Alex Shante

Port Commissioner, City of Oakland Michael Colbruno

Former Planning Commissioner, County of Napa Matt Pope

President, Hilltop District Neighborhood Association Cesar Zepeda

Member, Marin County Election Advisory Committee Mark Kyle

Democratic Party Leaders

Former Chairman of the California Democratic Party Art Torres

Western States Caucus Chair, Democratic National Committee Aleita Hugenin

Former President, National Federation of Democratic Women Pat Hobbs

Secretary, California Democratic Party Daraka Larimore-Hall

DNC Member and Women’s Caucus Chair, Christine Pelosi

Chair, Federation of Democratic Central Committee Members Michael Evans

President, California College Democrats Naeemah Charles

Chair Emeritus, California Young Democrats Allan Acevedo

Member, Democratic National Committee Shawn Bagley

Member, Democratic National Committee Becca Doten

Member, Democratic National Committee Bob Mulholland

Chair, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Robin Torello

Chair, Yolo County Democratic Central Committee Bob Schelen

Chair, Plumas County Democratic Central Committee Faith Strailey

Chair, Trinity County Democratic Central Committee George Bates

Chair, Solano County Democratic Central Committee Brigette Hunley

Chair, Sierra County Democratic Central Committee Cindy Ellsmore

Chair Emeritus, Contra Costa Democratic Central Committee Chuck Carpenter

Regional Director (Region 2), California Democratic Party Craig Cheslog

Regional Director (Region 4), California Democratic Party Martha Gamez

Regional Director (Region 6), California Democratic Party Hene Kelly

Regional Director (Region 7), California Democratic Party Omar Torres

Regional Director (Region 13), California Democratic Party Diane Boureaux

Chicano Latino Caucus Chair, California Democratic Party Carlos Alcala

Progressive Caucus Chair, California Democratic Party Mike Thaller

Arab American Caucus Chair, California Democratic Party Murad “Mo” Sarama

Chicano Latino Caucus Region 2 Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party Norma Alcala

Vice Chair, California Democratic Party Arab American Caucus Iyad Afalqa

Seniors Caucus Vice Chair, California Democratic Party Carol Taylor

Chair, California Young Democrats Jewish Caucus Jason Ackerman

Chair, California Young Democrats Black Caucus Darryn Harris

Chair, California Young Democrats LGBT Caucus Matha Acevedo

Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus Northern Chair, California Democratic Party Aref Aziz

Vice-Chair, California Young Democrats Black Caucus De’Anthony Jones

Vice President, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club Lorraine Geittmenn

Member, Affirmative Action Committee California Democratic Party Hillary Blackerby

President, Sacramento County Black Young Democrats Obai Rambo

Operations Vice-President, Miracle Mile Democratic Club Michael Kapp

Parliamentarian, Sacramento County Central Committee Andrew Becker

Affirmative Action Committee Member, California Democratic Party Karen Weinstein

Vice President, Tri Valley Democratic Club Sharon Goldberg

President, Tri Valley Democratic Club Ellis Goldberg

Platform Committee Member, California Democratic Party Janet Gastil

Parliamentarian, California Young Democrats Jenny Bach

National Committeewoman, California Young Democrats Carrie McFadden

National Committeeman, California Young Democrats Michael Soto

Veterans Caucus 1st Vice Chair, California Democratic Party Josh Newman

Former President, Davis College Democrats Max Mikalonis

President, Winters Democratic Club Marlene Bell

Executive Board Member, Kings County Democratic Party Holly Andrade Blair

Executive Board Member, Tulomne County Democrats Domenic Torchia

Executive Board Member, Harry S. Truman Democratic Club Rick Parrot

Board Member, South Alameda County Young Democrats Lance Kwan

Political Director, Sacramento County Young Democrats Alyssa Hanou

President, Solano County Young Democrats Joe Summers

Treasurer, Sacramento County Young Democrats Philip Norton

President, Placer County Young Democrats Greg Harnage

Member, Mono County Democratic Central Committee Zane Davis

Member, Lake County Democratic Central Committee Shirley Howard

Community Leaders

Civil Rights and Labor Advocate Dolores Huerta

Civil Rights Advocate Rev. Al Sharpton

President, National Union of Healthcare Workers Sal Roselli

Executive Director, Center for American Islamic Relations Basim Elkarra

Founder, Indo-American Community Federation Jeevan Zutshi

Medical Student and Public Advocate Umer Waris

AIDS Health Advocate James Vinson

AIDS Health Advocate Janelle Vinson

2015 Kaiser National Bargaining Team, SEIU-UHW Gabriel Montoya

Civic Activists

Abdu Abdullah
Elizabeth Agrament
Kaiser Ahmed
Diane Alasti
Hezekiah Allen
Susyn Almond
Justin Alvarez
Hector Amador
Samila Amanyraoufpour
Brenda Ambriz-Martinez
Tim Anderson
Mary Ann Clare
Case Ann-Martinez
Nelson Anthoine
Shelby Arellanes
Richard Armen-Dariz
Ernie Arranaga
Stacey Ashlund
Einer Atorm
Dale Axelrod
Betta Bail
Peter Baker
Jon Ball
Branda Baranio
Susan Baritell
Kelvin Barrios
David Barron
Ben Bartlett
Linda Bassett
Nelsey Batista
Larry Baza
Craig Beauchamp
Gordon Bebbles
Christina Belleir
Jessica Beltran
Janet Belvins
Carolyn Bendon
Gabrielle Bester
Ashok Bhatt
Janet Bill
Ron Billings
Martin Black
Yami Bokinos
Cristobal Bonal
Jenave Bonner
Esther Borak
Brad Bothell
Diane Boudreaux
Judith Boylan
Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Robert Brandin
Robert Brandin
Julie Brather
Sabrina Brennan
Shane Brinton
Rebecca Brookman
Rowan Brooks
Donald Brooks
Jules Brovillet
Tristain Brown
Patricia Brown
Lisa Bruckner
Sasha Buckert
Thanhtam Bui
Dennis Bullock
Rae Burkhead
Kelly Burns
Janice Burstin
Bill Burton
Julie Busse
David Busse
Ana Cabral
Jam Cabrera
Dan Calamuci
Paul Calderon
Antony Calducci
Edward Caldwell
Claudia Cameron
Cheryl Campbell-Hutter
Mathew Campos
Luis Campos
Ynez Canela
Morgan Cannerr
Margaret Capriles
Lazaro Cardenas
Liliana Carilo
Barbara Carolan
Sarah Carr
Danny Carrasquila
Brian Carson
Ruth Carter-Maletsky
Karen Carter-Maletsky
Alicia Carvajal
David Cary
Aide Castro
Jose Castro
Rick Castro
Maya Cavallero
Pedro Cavallero
Fabian Ceji
Nico Chavez
Victor Cherdsuriga
Brianah Chester
Desiree Childress
Alex Chin
Mesylin Church
Claudia Clark
Floyd Clark
Scott Cofer
Rico Coleman
Denise Columbia
John Comiskey
Barbara Commins
Michael Conley
Jeanette Connolly
Richard Constantine
Cheryl Conway
Natalie Cook
Larence Cooper
Lasonia Cosio
Gregory Cramer
Carolyn Crawford Davis
Donna Cretehee
Kip Crosby
Roya Cyole
Jean D. Coyler
Kathy Davidson
Robert Dawson
Vilma Dawson
Henry Dawson
Sarah de Rockamont
Norman Dean
David Debus
Ainel Deiro
Marlene Del Rosario
Jasmine Delatosse
Zachary Denny
Lorraine Dewit
Amisha DeYoung-Dominguez
Joe Diaz
Victor Diaz
Julianna Dickey
Lucy Didans
Erin Diehm
Amaka Donn
Stephen Donwoody
Daman Douglas
Laura Douglas
Joelle Driver
Alice Duncan-Graves
Annie Dungan
Lee Dunham
Meesh Dunham
Craig Dunkerlee
Camille Dunn
Gil Duran
Susan Dye
Eddie Dykes
Anthony Dykes
Jennifer Eagan
Maria Echaveste
Jordan Eddy
Elaine Elbizri
Ashley Ellis
Joe Ely
Heidi Emberling
Joshua Englander
Ivan Enrique
Chelsea Erling
Esther Escovedo
John Espera
Frank Espinoza
Ruy Estrada
Francesca Fanborough
James Farley
Mara Felsen
Patricia Felts
Marilyn Ferguson
Sam Ferman
Carmen Fernandez
Agnes Ferrer
Bidad Ferry
Linda Fiddler
Martha Fiehn
Glenda Flock
Crufenia Flores
William Floyd
Sharon Foote
Clarence Ford
Doris Foreman
Jean Foro
Bob Forshay
Terry Fox
Joel Fried
Amalia Fuentes
Sean Gaesch
James Gallagher
Victor Gallardo
Laura Gallardo-Jimenez
Jimmy Gan
Kathleen Gapusan
Eleanor Garabedian
Felipe Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia
Diane Gardenhire
Richard Gardner
Gail Gaslaw
Maria Gauthier
Chris Gee Schong
Chelsea Gelbart
Arman Gevorgyan
Tyer Gibson
Marlene Gillespie
Chip Goebert
Stanley Gold
Michael Goldman
Hannah Golledge
Peggy Goman
Kim Gomes
Arturo Gomez
Cynthia Gomez
Ben Gonzales
Robert Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez

Jimmy Gow
Michael Grant
Mathew Graves
Natalie Gray
Javeta Gregory
Leonard Gretcher
Ronald Grier
Freeman Griffin
Shelly Gupton
Judith Gutierrez
Farzan Hakami
Emily Halbig
Kelly Hall
Larry Halstad
Mandy Hanou
Karalee Hargrove
Bill Harrington
Gray Harris
Cynthia Harris
Nigel Harris
David Harrison
Jessica Hayes
Laron Head
Laurel Heath
Bill Hedrick
Kaytiana Hempstead
Larry Hendel
Ben Henderson
Kevin Hendrick
Ray Hennemann
Shaun Hensley
Aaron Hermezian
Kristan Hernandez
Luke Heslip
Lisa Hettles-Smith
Alan Hicks
Stewart Highland
Barbara Hill
Sharon Hillbrand
Andrew Hinton
Emilio Hipolito
Holly Hitchcock
Joan Hoenau
Abby Holland
Eliajh Holug
Claudia Hope
Patricia Horton
Tilton Hoyt
Teresa Hubbard
Christopher Hubbard
Nora Hucman
David Huerta
Alva Hugenin
Ashter Hughes
Casey Hulgate
Ruth Hull
Ricardo Hurtado
David Hyman
Gary Hytrelr
Mathew Ibarra
Cassandra Inglesby
Sean Ipakchi
Emma Ishii
Mesbah Islam
Mahah Iyer
Jay Jackman
Terri Jackson
Yesenia Jameson
Gwen Javell
Sebastian Javier
Rosemary Jenkins
Elaine Jerbarg
Bruce Jewel
Suzanne Jimenez
Margaret Joehnek
Jon Johanneson
Michael Johnson
Corrine Johnson
Keith Johnson
Allen Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
Linda Johnson
Lonnie Johnson
Kristi Johnston
Les Jones
Pamela Jones
Bruce Jones
Ken Jones
Robi Jones
Cathleen Jorgese
Denea Joseph
Lila Kalaf
Joseph Kasper
Amanda Kazden
Darlene Keane
Lynn Kednie
Tina Keely
Shawn Kelly
Sarah Kerber
Thomas Kessler
Ray Kidd
Sean Kiernan
Carol Kim
Kelly Kina
Lloyd King
Alva Kingsford
Monica Kitchiner
Nikita Koraddi
Evan Kraemer
Melvin Kreb
Sharolyn Krieger
Donald Krouse
Mealnie Labrecque
James Lafourche
Linda Lagace
Yonatan Landan
Melanie Landstrom
Barbra Lang
Shameca Langford
Jolene Larimore
Janice Lark
Crystal Lavering
Mary Leatherman
Charlene Leathers
Derek Lee
Rebecca Lee
Shawn Lee
Odessa LeFrancois
Megan Lehr
Peter Leinau
Dotty LeMieux
Ellen Leslie
Gregory Leslie
Dorothy Leveque
Iasa Lewis
Gloria Li
Valerie Lichtman
Sheryl Lima
Casandra Lomas
Susie Lon
Dominic Longarini
Annelisse Lopez
Romina Loreto
Melissa Love
Rianne Lovell
Benedict Lubbin
Alex Luis
Andre Macapinlac
Bob Mack
Ida MacMurray
Shayla Maelland
Joe Malkar
Alice Malmberg
Surjit Malmi
Davind Mandel
Patricia Manning
Emil Margais
Allen Market
Jeremy Markley
Jesus Marquez
Daryl Marshall
Fred Martin
Daniel Martin
Lanese Martin
Laura Martinez
Syara Marto
Tiffany Mathis
Inrique Maya
Scott Mayers
Mary McCure
Coutney McDonald
Steve McDougall
Donald McKechnie
Mark McKibbon
Susan Mckuhen
Sally Means-Bowler
Homen Mejia
Cynthia Mejia
Rachel Melendez
Beatriz Mendoza
Danielle Meriweather
Jan Mill
Janet Miller
Hannah Miller
Nancy Minos
Daryl Mirzaee
Shaian Mohammadi
Lali Mohens
Ama Mora
Madeline Moran
Dennis Moran
Alejandro Mores
Caitlyn Morrison
Leslie Mousel
Danielle Mouw
Sydney Mox
Shahab Moyhdam
Derrick Muhammad
Kelsey Mulher
Reger Mulherin
Erin Mundy
Sharon Murray
Brian Murtha
Nicole Nabulsi
Elizabeth Nash
Angela Navarro
Lisa Nelson
Michael Ngyuen
Kevin Nichols
Stephen Nienu
Roya Nikmar
Donna Norton
Leelah Noyati
Alejandro Nunez
Shirleen Nunn
Sally O’Brin
Sarah Oddie
Phil Oiled
Kristin Okimoto
Giovani Olvera
Yasmeen Omidi
Gabriel Orea
Tim Orozco
Eileen O’Shaughnesy
Jeffrey P.
Douglas P. Dyk

Robert Padilla
Arathi Palanisami
LaQuinta Paradese
Avery Parat
Salvador Pardo
Jeff Parr
Margaret Parson
Vic Pasnick
Ariana Paulson
Martin Payne
Brian Pendley
Letitie Pepper
Edosn Perez
Temare Perrine
Jerome Perry
Johnny Perry
Ralph Peter
Johnathan Pickart
Dalona Pickette
Lesly Pineda
Joeseph Luis Pinon
Brian Polejes
John Polezhako
Karim Poonja
Vangie Porras
Janet Porter
Mike Poser
Neil Posson
Stephanie Posson
Zane Precadio
Teresa Priem
Brad Procter
Michelle Procter
Jeffrey Ptter
Robert Pullen
Howard Quan
Alexandra Quinn
Cindy Quitalle
Victoria Ramirez
Albert Randall
Robert Raymond
Margaret Rebechi
Donna Rencsak
Judy Rice
Brent Risby
William Roberts
James Rodgers
Greg Rodriguez
Sandra Rodriguez
Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
Matt Rogers
Johan Roguerud
Diane Rolfe
Joe Rolfe
Michael Romero
Michael Romero
Brian Romo
Michael Rone
Karen Roorda
Lee Ross Gomez
Reynold Roxy
Angeles Roy
Eva Royale
Jesus Ruiz
Philip Rypczynski
Vibiana Saavedra
Kanji Sahara
Joe Salas
Ron Sampson
Nigel Sanchez
Adriel Sanders
Sabrina Sanders
Jason Sandoval
Evaristo Sandoval
Glenna Sansone
Andrew Santana
Alundru Santiago
John Savage
Frames Sawyer
Rose Schein
Will Schein
Joey Schindler
Tammy Schmick
Autumn Schnemer
Lewk Schulze
Carrie Sconille
Colin Scott
Craig Scott
Andrew Sears
Juan Sebastian Navarro
Joseph See
Leonard Segal
Marcus Seite
Yolanda Serna
Nilza Serrano
Mike Sharif
Maralyn Shaughterbeck
Claudia Shebloski
Mei-Ling Shek-Stefan
Shirley Shelangoski
Arya Shirani
Larry Shoemaker
Teri Shore
Mac Shorty
Stephen Shub
Cheri Sicard
Zaheer Siddiqui
Denzil Sikka
Eve Simmons
Galen Sinain
Benjamin Singer
Brandon Sisk
Harvinder Skullar
Stephen Smallcombe
Nicollette Smith
Stan Smith
Diane Smith
Pauline Smith
Dana Smith
Grett Solkorits
Jim Soper
Jo Ann Souvignier
Allen Souvignier
Earnie Spencer
Jason Spitzer
Emma Spitzer
Audrey Spitzer
Mike St. Clair
Richard St. John
Brandon Stansell
Patricia Stanyo
Carole Stark
Zahra Stavis
Daniel Stephenson
Sloan Stewart
Marvin Stovall
Al Strange
Barbara Stubbins
Samuel Sukatan
Caitlyn Sullivan
Tim Sullivan
Heidi Sulzdorf
Diane Summers
Tracy Sunde
Maureen Sweeney
Lanny Swerdlow
Richard Tamm
Jacquez Tarleton
Henry Tars
Dahlia Taxey
Connie Taylor
Rose Taylor
Armando Telles
Luis Tirado
Barron Tolen
Dominc Torchia
Arasele Torrez-Jiminez
Marcia Toruno
Kim Tovoglione
Ryan Trablico
Carolyn Travou
Rafael Trujillo
Jennifer Tsang
Gregory Tseytin
Reed Urman Valdez
Ann Valenaa
AJ Valenzuela
Kate Van Buren
Marcene Van Dierendorick
R.Elaine Van Hasselt
George Van Hasselt
Jeff Vance
Terry Varge
Daniel Vasquez
April Vervoff
Lisa Vigil
Damaris Villalobo
Juan Villegas
Paula Villescaz
Robert Vizzard
Nicole Walker
Debra Walker
Justin Wang
Esther Wanning
Robert Ware
Teresa Washington
Katrinn Washington
Ella Watson
Katherine Watson-Jones
Eva Way
Andrea Weideman
Stephen Weissbart
Carol Weist
Ben Wergin
Michale Wheeler
Norma White
Bob White
Leon White
Jonathan Wiens
Suzanne Wilde
Teaira William
Judith Williams
Buck Williams
Kelly Willis
Holly Wilson
Keshia Wilson
Bruce Windrem
Dave Winters
Marcus Wolf
Donna Wollach
Jennifer Wonnacot
William Wons
Tiffany Woods
Alexia Worsham
Shawn Xi
Jonathan Yang
Nancy Yarbough
Richele Ybarra
Nicole Yelich
Tonya York
Sharon Young
Rena Zahose
Paul Zak
Oscar Zepeda
Lucas Zucker


Despite breaking its own California state ballot measure record now with $126M contributed by Pharma to the ‘No on 61’ campaign —with $17M added this week—the drug industry appears unable to significantly move voters to ’No.’  Public fury with the industry after the EpiPen pricing scandal and ‘pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli’s 5,000% price hike on an HIV/AIDS drug—and an innovative, relatively shoestring ‘Yes’ campaign with key backers including Bernie Sanders, AARP, the California Nurses...
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Tremendous Grassroots Support for Lower Drug Prices Says Boo to Big Pharma on Halloween SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop. 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices announced today that the campaign has now received more than 10,000 individual contributions from small-dollar contributors who support the measure to address the high cost of prescription drugs. Yes on Proposition 61 has raised more than $15 million. In contrast, No on Proposition 61 has “raised” more than $120 million, almost exclusively...
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Big Pharma Dumps in Additional $22 Million to Stop Prop 61 Sacramento – According to recent filings with the Secretary of State’s office, the drug companies have dumped an additional $22 million into their attempt to mislead voters into voting against Proposition 61, the California Drug Price Relief Act. The opposition, solely funded by Big Pharma itself, now has accumulated an eye-popping war chest of $109 million, making it the single most expensive ballot side in California history. (The...
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Seniors stand together against Big Pharma and prescription drug-price gouging Sacramento, CA – Today, AARP California, Social Security Works, the California Alliance of Retired Americans, and California State Retirees gathered at the State Capitol to encourage their members to vote Yes on Proposition 61. “This is the only proposition AARP has taken a position on,” said Blanca Castro, AARP California Advocacy Manager. “We [AARP] believe very strongly that all people should have access to...
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The Next Phase in Bernie’s Revolution Has Already Begun – Prop 61

SOURCE: Newrepublic.com The fight for Prop 61 in California could be a watershed moment in American health care. BY DAVID DAYEN – October 19, 2016 Last Friday, Bernie Sanders held a rally in a parking lot across the street from a Hollywood studio. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were not mentioned, nor was any other politician on the 2016 ballot. Sanders was there as part of an effort to lower runaway prescription drug prices. “The pharmaceutical industry has become a major health...
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Doctors Support Proposition 61

CALIFORNIA PHYSICIANS ALLIANCE ENDORSES PROP 61, THE CALIFORNIA DRUG PRICE RELIEF ACT Doctors Organization Speaks Out against Pharma Companies’ Greed SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices today announced that the California Physicians Alliance (CaPA) has joined an extensive list of supporters of the first-in-the-nation initiative to address price-gouging. If passed, millions of Californians will be able to access prescription drugs at lower costs and the state will...
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EpiPen why we need Prop. 61

    If there’s symbol of why California needs Proposition 61, it’s EpiPen. Drug prices have sparked broad national outrage. A September poll found 82 percent of Americans want Medicare to have the power to negotiate lower prices.Congress has repeatedly blocked such proposals, a testament to outsized influence of the pharmaceutical industry, which has spent $3.4 billion in federal lobbying since 1998.That can be seen in California as well. This year alone pharmaceutical lobbying...
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How Big Pharma Pressures States to Pay for Pricey Pills

Price tag for drugmaker’s hepatitis C cure caused uproar Grant recipients shift debate from price to access for poor Nothing about a Washington state lawsuit called B.E. v. Teeter is as simple as it seems. It was filed this year by two hepatitis C patients against the state’s Medicaid program to help the poor gain access to drugs such as Gilead Sciences Inc.’s $1,000-a-pill cure. But behind the team bringing the case is Gilead itself. While the drug giant isn’t involved in the lawsuit, the...
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Prop. 61, to cut drug costs, may be priciest fight ever on ballot

Source: SF Chronicle A battle over capping how much California pays for prescription drugs is shaping up to be one of the most expensive ballot propositions in state history, with the pharmaceutical industry expected to dump close to $100 million into the fight by election day. Proposition 61 would bar state agencies from paying more than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for drugs for roughly 4 million Californians, including some state employees, prisoners and Medi-Cal recipients....
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“On The Road for Lower Rx Prices” Bus Tour Kick-off Rally, Mon, Sept. 19th

For Immediate Release MEDIA ADVISORY Yes on Proposition 61 Campaign Launches Statewide Bus Tour WHAT:  Supporters of Proposition 61, the California Drug Price Relief Act, will gather at La Placita Olvera, the heart of Los Angeles, to launch the “On the Road for Lower Drug Prices,” YES ON 61 Tour across California! Coalition members, community leaders and supporters will lay out how Proposition 61 will lower drug prices. Participants and observers will be able to see the 40-foot-long double...
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National Organization Backed by Sen. Sanders Supports Drug-Pricing Measure  SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices announced today that Our Revolution, a new nationwide organization backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, has joined the fight against exorbitant drug prices, adding their name to a long list of Proposition 61 supporters. Prop. 61, the California Drug Price Relief Act of 2016, is a statewide November ballot measure that begins to address drug price-gouging by...
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National Organization to Protect Seniors Joins AARP in Giving a Green Light to Drug-Pricing Measure on November Ballot SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices announced today that Social Security Works, an influential national organization that seeks to protect and improve the economic security of seniors, has joined the growing number of supporters endorsing Proposition 61. Prop. 61, the California Drug Price Relief Act of 2016, is a statewide ballot measure that...
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CA Hepatitis C Task Force Board Members  Have Many Financial Ties to Drug Companies  SACRAMENTO, CA – Public records reveal several leaders of the non-profit California Hepatitis C Task Force – a group whose president signed the ballot argument rebuttal against Prop. 61 – have received at least $1.2 million in payments in recent years from drug and medical-device manufacturers, while the Task Force itself has received another $10,000 directly from drug giant Pfizer Inc., one of the biggest...
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Gilead And The VA

Source: Jonathan Weber| Aug.19.16 | About: Gilead Sciences, (GILD)  Summary VA increases number of treatment starts. VA wants to screen more veterans. This could mean an annualized revenue run rate of $2.5 billion by year’s end. The most recent quarterly report saw Gilead’s (NASDAQ:GILD) earnings drop significantly on a yoy basis, based mostly on weak HCV results. In the remainder of the year, Gilead’s Hepatitis C sales (Harvoni, Sovaldi andEpclusa) could see better results,...
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EpiPen’s 500 Percent Price Hike Leaves Patients Scrambling

SOURCE: HUFFINGTON POST| Anna Almendrala| 08/18/2016 05:53 pm The EpiPen, an easy-to-use injectable shot filled with medicine that can stop a life-threatening allergic reaction, has increased in price from about $100 for a pack of two pens in 2009 to over $600 this year. Pharmaceutical company Mylan purchased the rights to the pen back in 2007, and it appears that they’ve taken a page from “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli and re-priced their newly acquired product. That is, they’ve spiked prices...
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