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Doctors Support Proposition 61

CALIFORNIA PHYSICIANS ALLIANCE ENDORSES PROP 61, THE CALIFORNIA DRUG PRICE RELIEF ACT Doctors Organization Speaks Out against Pharma Companies’ Greed SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices today announced that the California Physicians... read more

EpiPen why we need Prop. 61

    If there’s symbol of why California needs Proposition 61, it’s EpiPen. Drug prices have sparked broad national outrage. A September poll found 82 percent of Americans want Medicare to have the power to negotiate lower prices.Congress has repeatedly... read more

How Big Pharma Pressures States to Pay for Pricey Pills

Price tag for drugmaker’s hepatitis C cure caused uproar Grant recipients shift debate from price to access for poor Nothing about a Washington state lawsuit called B.E. v. Teeter is as simple as it seems. It was filed this year by two hepatitis C patients against the... read more

Gilead And The VA

Source: Jonathan Weber| Aug.19.16 | About: Gilead Sciences, (GILD)  Summary VA increases number of treatment starts. VA wants to screen more veterans. This could mean an annualized revenue run rate of $2.5 billion by year’s end. The most recent quarterly report... read more

EpiPen’s 500 Percent Price Hike Leaves Patients Scrambling

SOURCE: HUFFINGTON POST| Anna Almendrala| 08/18/2016 05:53 pm The EpiPen, an easy-to-use injectable shot filled with medicine that can stop a life-threatening allergic reaction, has increased in price from about $100 for a pack of two pens in 2009 to over $600 this... read more


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