National Organization to Protect Seniors Joins AARP in Giving a Green Light to Drug-Pricing Measure on November Ballot

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices announced today that Social Security Works, an influential national organization that seeks to protect and improve the economic security of seniors, has joined the growing number of supporters endorsing Proposition 61. Prop. 61, the California Drug Price Relief Act of 2016, is a statewide ballot measure that addresses drug price-gouging by the pharmaceutical industry.Proposition 61 will produce tangible savings for the state, while directly saving millions of Californians money on needed prescription drugs.

“Social Security Works is committed to safeguarding the economic security of those who depend on, and those who will one day depend on, Social Security,” said Ernie Powell, Organizer and Consultant at Social Security Works. “Proposition 61 is a simple but innovative policy that will not only stop the drug price-gouging in California, but will also set a precedent for a national conversation to lower drug prices.” Social Security Works has been a strong advocate for better prices on prescription drugs.

In addition to Social Security Works, Prop. 61 has been strongly endorsed by AARP, the state’s largest retiree organization, with 3.3 million members.  The measure has also been endorsed by the California Nurses Association, the Urban League, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the Campaign for a Healthy California and many others. A full list of endorsements can be found at:

Proposition 61, on the November 8 ballot, would require the state of California to negotiate with drug companies for drug prices that are no more than is paid for the same drugs by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).  Unlike Medicare, the DVA negotiates for drug prices on behalf of the millions of veterans it serves, and pays on average 20-24 percent less for medications than other government agencies, and up to 40 percent less than Medicare Part D.  Prop. 61 empowers the state, as the healthcare buyer for millions of Californians, to negotiate the same or an even better deal for taxpayers, saving the state billions.