YES ON 61 REACHES MORE THAN 10,000 INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS - California Drug Price Relief

Tremendous Grassroots Support for Lower Drug Prices Says Boo to Big Pharma on Halloween

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yes on Prop. 61/Californians for Lower Drug Prices announced today that the campaign has now received more than 10,000 individual contributions from small-dollar contributors who support the measure to address the high cost of prescription drugs. Yes on Proposition 61 has raised more than $15 million.

In contrast, No on Proposition 61 has “raised” more than $120 million, almost exclusively from 33 drug companies – most of them from out of state – and their umbrella organization, PhRMA.

“We are proud to have the support of thousands of individual contributors from across the United States, who recognize that if we want to do something about the outrageous price-gouging, Prop. 61 is the only way to do that in this election cycle,” said Garry South, lead strategist for Prop. 61. “The fact that we have more than 10,000 individuals willing to contribute to this cause, while the only funding for the ‘No’ side comes from the greedy drug companies, pretty much says it all.”

Proposition 61 would require the state of California to negotiate with drug companies for drug prices that are no more than is paid for the same drugs by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Prop. 61 empowers the state, as the healthcare buyer for millions of Californians, to negotiate the same or an even better deal for taxpayers, saving the state billions.

Prop. 61 has been endorsed by AARP, the California Nurses Association, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and his new organization Our Revolution, Consumer Watchdog, former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, civil rights and labor activist Dolores Huerta, the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Urban League, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the Campaign for a Healthy California, Progressive Democrats of America, Social Security Works and VoteVets Action Fund.